Satellite exploration of oil and gas fields by means of remote sensing

The search and exploration of oil fields is actively carried out today, the customers of the corresponding services are organizations and individuals.

The most promising regions are the Arab world, America, Asia, Africa, there are unexplored regions. Search tasks for oil deposits:

  • Identification of available reserves, their detailed analysis.
  • Satellite sounding to determine the zoning of a continuous oil-saturated formation zone.

During the exploration of oil fields, we conduct remote sensing of the studied area, based on the data obtained, we build maps, images, digital models. Due to the maximum automation and optimization of current processes, the work is highly accurate.

The search for oil fields includes remote creation of images and their analysis, the formation of conclusions. This allows you to analyze reserves, establish priority areas for development, plan preparatory work. The customer of the service receives a detailed report on the operations performed with a decryption.

Remote sensing data to a depth of horizontal penetration of 30 meters, 60 meters, 120 meters and give a forecast with an analysis of the exact location of the formation.


Opportunities and prospects of satellite sensing

Surveys from space, visual observation allow us to assess the structural features of the shelves, to find geological global structures that are places for the location of gas and oil fields. Prospects of the method for exploration of oil fields:

  • The satellite takes several pictures from space, then merges them into one;
  • The costs of prospecting work are reduced by 5 times in comparison with traditional methods for unexplored areas and by 7 times for previously well-studied objects.

The images taken with the use of the satellite apparatus are being processed. The use of images from space significantly reduces the time of work - space research methods are the most efficient. Additionally, the costs of performing other operations are reduced - this becomes possible due to the most effective use of ERS (Earth Remote Sensing) tools. The combined approach improves the accuracy of the predicted resources within the boundaries of the license areas.

The specialists of our company pursue the goal of achieving the most reliable results in the search and exploration of oil fields. An integrated approach to processing geological, geophysical, space data allows you to discover oil and gas fields with a minimum number of wells, allows you to refuse to drill out local layers (including those that have long been recorded as unpromising).


Why will this interest you?

GPS Developer of Mineral Resources provides turnkey survey services, conducts the maximum in terms of depth and width of data coverage based on satellite imagery. The study of satellite images allows you to quickly and with minimal cost to find oil deposits, draw up an action plan for planning, geo-prospecting, and construction. The results of our analysis will help in choosing the best paths for laying routes, controlling spills, and assessing damage.

The oil and gas industry is the main component of the economy of many countries of the world, territories that have a huge, not yet exhausted potential of hydrocarbon raw materials. In order to effectively use hydrocarbon natural resources, it is necessary to apply the latest achievements of science and technology in geoinformation support of the oil and gas industry. One of the most effective methods of information support is the widespread use of modern aerospace and aerospace methods, technologies and means.

GPS Developer of Mineral Resources, based on an analysis of the activities of the oil and gas industry, as well as tasks that require the use of aerial and space information, offers the following services to solve them.


In geological exploration of hydrocarbon deposits

  • Identification of oil and gas promising areas from aerial and satellite images by decoding promising geological structures using the principal component method;
  • Creation of photogeological maps of the location of hydrocarbon flooding, maps of the elements of the geological structure, maps of the deep structure of the region, maps of neotectonic movements and maps of the optimal placement of prospecting and exploration wells;
  • Creation of maps of engineering-geological zoning on a scale of 1: 100000 - 1: 200000 and smaller;
  • Updating topographic maps and plans of areas for exploration and development of deposits;
  • ERS data analysis for performing works on seismic microzoning.


When arranging hydrocarbon fields, including design, construction, operation, conservation and liquidation of oil and gas production facilities

  • Receiving and providing remote sensing data at various stages of field development;
  • Creation and updating of a digital cartographic base of scales 1: 100,000 - 5,000;
  • Creation of mine surveying and geodetic plans and topographic maps of field infrastructure at a scale of 1: 2000 - 1: 10000;
  • Space monitoring of progress during field development;
  • Monitoring of changes in the territory of licensed areas.


With the ecological support of nature management

  • Creation of maps of decisive influences of environmental conditions on a scale of 1: 5000 - 1: 10000;
  • Creation of maps of retrospective assessment of the ecological situation on a scale of 1: 5000 - 1: 50,000;
  • Creation of forecast maps of possible changes in the components of the natural environment on a scale of 1: 5000 - 1: 50,000;
  • Monitoring of oil spills and pollution of water bodies;


In ensuring industrial safety

  • Identification of areas of development of hazardous geological, man-made and natural processes and phenomena;
  • Monitoring of deformation of the earth's surface using space radar data;
  • Monitoring the state of potentially dangerous objects based on aerial and space imagery.


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